Enable Hashnode backups using GitHub's CLI

Enable Hashnode backups using GitHub's CLI

If you would like to backup your Hashnode blog the simplest way is to use the Hashnode backups found in your blogs dashboard. I have outlined the steps below to accomplish this.

First you will need to install the GitHub CLI

brew install gh

Then you will need to authenticate your GitHub account

gh auth login

iTerm GitHub Auth 1.png

I setup mine with GitHub.com.

Next you will need to create an empty repository for your backups

gh repo create hashnode-blog-backups
  • I set mine to private

  • Select y (for Yes) both times

Your repository


is now up and running and ready to accept your backups!

For the last step you will need to navigate to the Hashnode dashboard and select Backup.

Click "Install Hashnode Backup".

You will now be taken to a GitHub page to install and authorize Hashnode.

Be sure to select only the repo hashnode-blog-backup you just created.

Install & authorize Hashnode 2.png

Click Install and Authorize

Now whenever you publish a blog post it will automatically backup to the GitHub repo you just created.

If you already have written and published a few blog posts before enabling backups then you will need to follow these steps.

1) From the Hashnode Blog Dashboard select Posts then Edit post.

2) Click Save Post (Note: You will need to do this for every post you have already written and published).

This will trigger the Hashnode tool and save the blog posts to the repo you created using the GitHub CLI.

GitHub's CLI is a very powerful tool. You can read up on it here